Mahathir’s cynical use of the Judicial system for his benefit

The persecution of Jho Low shows how unapologetic Mahathir Mohamad is when he disregards all judiciary processes the developed world depends on. When he just started his first term as prime minister in 1988, Mahathir finished the Malaysian Constitutional Crisis by nearly eliminating the jurisdictions of the judiciary, removing the Lord President of the Supreme Court. Mahathir always preferred the superiority of the executive and legislative branches over the judiciary, and he spent all of his years in power to set these superiorities in the country’s law. That’s how he deals with people he wants to imprison. Now that he is back in power, he does the same with Jho Low – doing whatever in his power to prosecute Low with complete disregard to the rule of law. Low himself commented on this: “As he did in Malaysia’s 1988 judicial crisis, Mahathir is showing the world that his new regime still has no interest in the rule of law.”

The Rise of New Mahathirism

When it comes to our Malaysian prime minister, Mahathir Mohammad, the question remains: Can a once-morbidly-immoral politician rid a country of the corruption and totalitarianism that he himself created?

This is the man that spent his first two decades ruling Malaysia with an iron first – creating the Old Mahathirism: he fired dissenting judges, censored unsupportive journalists, and dismissed important human rights issues;   he is responsible for approving the construction of the Bakun Dam that displaced thousands of indigenous people and he is the one that started Operation Lalang, arresting and detaining  without a trial any opposing politicians, intellectuals, activists and students.

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